With Els Mondelaers, Joâo Lobo, François Vaiana & Ine Claes

03/02/23                    GC De Rinck, Brussel

04/02/23                    La Semaine du Son, Flagey Brussels

20/04/23                    Concertzaal Miry, Ghent

26/04/23                    Lunalia, Festival van Vlaanderen, Mechelen

2023                             CC De Factorij, Zaventem

2023                             Wilde Westen, Kortrijk

2023                             Meakusma, Eupen 


In the '20-'21 season, I did research on vocal acoustic looping. Just with the voice, without pedals. This research was supported by Q0-2, Netwerk Aalst, workspacebrussels, Cas-co/30CC, Corso and C-TAKT. I conducted this research with different vocalists/musicians/performers such as Lynn Cassiers, Maja Jantar, Justine Maxelon, Mathieu Calleja, Benjamin Vandewalle and Adrián Sánchez Núñez. 


Repetition or loop has always been a feature of my sound language. In this research, I wanted to delve into this one element and investigate what it is exactly that intrigues me about the loop and how I would like to work with it. 


Listen to a fragment of the research










By approaching the idea of the loop from different angles I want to develop a specific sound language within which the sound landscape is constantly changing and influenced. The vocalist/musician travels, as it were, through a trance from a perspective of high concentration.   


The project travels from minimalism to dense groove to noise to eclectic peculiar worlds, through surreal soundscapes that stimulate the listener's imagination. 


For this project, I have chosen musicians with very diverse backgrounds (jazz, contemporary music, opera,...) who find connection through the basic idea of the loop. On the one hand, I want to take them out of their comfort zone and, on the other hand, I want to search in this project for the creation of a common sound language from all those different backgrounds.


At Concertzaal Miry in Ghent a recording will be created, as part of Made in Miry

Concept & composition: Ine Claes

Vocals: Els Mondelaers, François Vaiana, Ine Claes

Drums/percussion: Joâo Lobo