Project '22-'23

With Maja Jantar, Joâo Lobo and François Vaiana


In the '20-'21 season, I did research on vocal acoustic looping. Just with the voice, without pedals. This research was supported by Q0-2, Netwerk Aalst, workspacebrussels, Cas-co/30CC, Corso and C-TAKT. I conducted this research with different vocalists/musicians/performers such as Lynn Cassiers, Maja Jantar, Justine Maxelon, Mathieu Calleja, Benjamin Vandewalle and Adrián Sánchez Núñez. 


Repetition or loop has always been a feature of my sound language. In this research, I wanted to delve into this one element and investigate what it is exactly that intrigues me about the loop and how I would like to work with it. 


In workspacebrussels, I conducted an analytical research with Justine Maxelon. This laid a good foundation for further work with other vocalists. The research gave a concrete idea of what a loop can be and which directions one can go with it. This research also created a clear artistic direction for the project that came out of it. 


During the analytical research, we worked around a variety of elements such as shifting the focus of the musician (steady rhythm, complex time signatures, joined chanting or eclecticism...), working on different textures and transitions (volume, industrial sounds, ethnic influences...), different evolutions (construction, deconstruction, ornamentation...), the length of a loop and de-looping through text, song or an ongoing material. 

Listen to a fragment of the research










By using these different tactics, I want to develop a specific sound language within which the sound landscape is constantly changing and influenced. The vocalist/musician travels, as it were, through a trance from a perspective of high concentration.   


The project travels from minimalism to dense groove to noise to eclectic peculiar worlds, through surreal soundscapes that stimulate the listener's imagination. 


For this project, I have chosen musicians with very diverse backgrounds (jazz, contemporary music, opera,...) who find connection through the basic idea of the loop. On the one hand, I want to take them out of their comfort zone and, on the other hand, I want to search in this project for the creation of a common sound language from all those different backgrounds.


At Concertzaal Miry in Ghent a recording will be created, as part of Made in Miry


20/04/23 Concertzaal Miry, Ghent

July '23 BOS! Festival, Wilde Westen, Kortrijk


Concept & direction: Ine Claes

Vocals: Maja Jantar, François Vaiana, Ine Claes

Drums & percussion: Joâo Lobo

A kamikamka production

Created with the support of Concertzaal Miry and SMOG 

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