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Ine gives vocal coaching and different kind of workshops  for performers, actors, singers, dancers, students, professionals and so on.


She gives workshops "experimental choir" designed for people who do not necessarily have music training but would like to sing together and experiment with voice. The aim is for participants to get to know and develop their voice in a group setting. Through sound drawings, lyrics, singing and vocal sounds, the group creates vocal music in a creative way and sings compositions created by Ine herself. 


In her voice/movement workshops the relationship between body and voice is studied, through different methods and techniques she created over the years. During the work vocal compositions and choreographies are created that are linked in several ways but form two independent entities. The workshops focus on how to connect these two entities and questions how this affects the performer and ultimately the audience. 

Ine worked for...

Voice Noise by Jan Martens - Vocal coaching ('24)

RECORD by Francesca Grilli - Vocal coach & choir leader ('24) 

Tapis Partie by Katrien Oosterlynck - Vocal coach and musical direction ('24)

Musica Impulscentrum - Zintuin, Artistic Interventions ('23)

MUDA Gent - Creation of vocal/movement performance  ('23)

GC De Rinck - LalaGroove, experimental choir ('23-'24)

MUDA Gent - Composition with voice and movement ('22)

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - The Art of Desorientation - Voice/movement ('22)

Kunsthumaniora Brussel - Composition with voice and movement ('20)

Netwerk Aalst - The Poetry of the Simple Act - Voice/movement ('19)

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - workshop voice/movement ('18)

Rosas Danst Rosas, assistent teacher workshop Krokusfestival Hasselt ('15)

Conservatory of Guadeloupe - workshop music visualization ('12)

Academy of Etterbeek - workshop music visualization ('12)

Dance Academy Zaventem - Ballet and contemporary ('11-12)
Dance Academy Geraardsbergen - Ballet and contemporary ('11-12)

Dance Academy Leuven - Ballet and contemporary ('11-12)

Le Chien Perdu, Brussels ('10) Contemporary dance
Le Chien Perdu, Brussels ('11) Improvisation/composition

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