The workshop focuses on voice composition and bodywork in relation to the voice. Using different tools for vocal composition as text, singing, rhythmical phrasing and (re)-production of sound. The workshop also focuses on how we deal with language and word. We work with words and text by means of automatic writing. This text becomes the basis for the further development of language and vocal sound and the development of a soundtrack for the choreography. The research into movement focuses on the transformation of daily movement, the gesture and communication, in search for the poetry of the simple act.



Ine gave workshops at:

Netwerk Aalst - workshop voice/movement ('19)

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - workshop voice/movement ('18)

Rosas Danst Rosas, assistent teacher workshop Krokusfestival Hasselt ('15)

Conservatory of Guadeloupe ('12) workshop music visualization

Academy of Etterbeek ('12) workshop music visualization

Ballet and contemporary ('11-12)

Dance Academy Zaventem (replacement)
Dance Academy Geraardsbergen (replacement)

Dance Academy Leuven

Le Chien Perdu, Brussels ('10) Contemporary dance
Le Chien Perdu, Brussels ('11) Improvisation/composition