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M-idzomer '19
M-idzomer '19

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M-idzomer '19
M-idzomer '19

Museum M, Leuven © Maja Jantar

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The departing point is the sound of our dreams transformed into a sound installation. We approach the dream as if it was a vehicle creating images and symbols that become our sound inspiration. The sound choices are in reference to the conscious/unconscious relationship we have towards the atmosphere or emotion of a dream.


Dreams possess characteristic elements such as the sudden escaping of our control, spontaneity, the existence of a nocturne atmosphere, functioning as an outlet for the repressed impulses of the day. We closely search for sounds that fit in this spectrum and use these elements to create a working field for constructing the music and

DIVE is a project with percussion, voice and electronica, performed in musea or exposition spaces, with the public visiting the exhibition halls with headphones. The musicians play live in the building, a bit hidden, and the audience hears them through headphones while they visit the exposition. In this way the project proposes an intimate and intriguing way of exploring the exposition, giving a unique frame that stimulates each one's imagination.

The audience’s disposition is based on the idea of a network connecting each person by what they experience.

DIVE has performed at Museum M (Leuven), the Musée des Sciences Naturelles (Brussels) and the Design Museum Brussels. 

During the quarantine of 2020 we created a live online streaming version. A sound & visual project with artworks by Myrthe van der Mark, Line Boogaerts, Sander Buyck, Kim Snauwaert, Karel Saelaert, Jeroen Van der Fraenen, Simon Verheylsonne, Larissa Viaene, Jeroen Smets and David Lesham.

A project by Ine Claes and Mathieu Calleja in collaboration with Juan Parra Cancino.

A kamikamka production.

With the support of Museum M, Halolalune Production and Projection Room.

Ine Claes - Voice

Mathieu Calleja - Percussion/drums

Juan Parra Cancino - Electronics and spacialisation


Museum for Natural Sciences

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