Dialogues with a View - Soup for Breakfast


A collaboration with Maja Jantar 

In residency at Netwerk Aalst in Oct '19



Dialogues with a view - soup for breakfast is a performance with live voice and video projection. In this performance Maja Jantar and Ine Claes want to create a dialogue between their sound and visual worlds. Both artists work with language or text, in their approach they seek a dialogue within their differences and similarities.


Ine's vocal research mainly focuses on vocal sound effects, singing, loops/repetition and existing and non-existing languages. She investigates which part of a text should be intelligible and which not and what effect this has on the audience. She works around the arising of disorientation in how she deals with language and by the creation of multiple layers and multitasking. In her artistic practice Ine observes human behaviour, where she is seeking the poetry of the simple act by transforming daily movement. She works around ‘states of being’ that she observes in daily society as for example neuroses, ecstacy or paranoia. In her work she creates relations between vocal composition/improvisation, the use of time, the transformation of daily movement or gesture and the restriction of personal space.


Points of research for Maja are - instant composition - extended vocal techniques - oscillation - the dialogue between space - voice - audience - the tension of how stories are created in the mind of the observer / listener. She works with voice and its expressions as core matter - travelling between text - sound - song - nonsensical language - and this sometimes in relationship to images of nature, and soundscapes, mostly build up out of transformed voice. Ritual, incantation, oracle, are red lines in her work. She applies various improvisational techniques to create layered multifaceted performances that cross the line between sound poetry, contemporary music, installation, visual art.


At the heart of this piece is a video, recorded by Maja Jantar, in the summer of 2011, in Mývatn, Iceland. The video is a single take of 30 minutes, shot through a window facing the landscape of Dimmuborgir, a popular tourist attraction in the north of Iceland. The video shows the landscape and the interactions of the tourists on the spot. The fleetingness of this relationship creates a tension - the landscape forever slowly changing, yet imobile - the tourists on the constant move. The simple repetitive movements of the tourists, by being pulled out of context, create a sense of theatrality. They are the actors in this window view.


Maja and Ine look at the dialogue from different perspectives and approach it from different angles by the portraying of the actors on the screen, the use of language and by the organic development of sound communication between the two performers. By bringing together their texts and improvising with sound and voice they create a vocal composition that becomes the orchestration of the video playing behind them. In this work the artists look for the poetry of the silent landscape, the poetry of the simple actions observe on the screen and in the gestures of the two performers on stage. A hand pointing somewhere, a conversation between a couple,... The performers sometimes follow the images we see, as they become a guideline for the creation of material and atmosphere. Together they create a performance of sound and image where their two worlds communicate and fuse together.


With this work, Maja and Ine want to create dialogues between different worlds and find the common ground. In this way they want to create a metaphor for contemporary society in which communication between different cultures does not always run smoothly. In which we should primarily look for symbiosis and not only focus on where we differ from each other, but on seeking similarities in our differences.

 9/11/19.      Première Lava Kafe, Brussels

18/12/19     De Sprekende Ezels, Brussel