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Asfaraswecantell is a transdisciplinary performance in which voice and movement are interwoven. It is a performance for 2 singers and 2 dancers who will each transcend their own discipline. For this work Ine created a 50-minute voice composition that forms the foundation for all other elements such as movement, scenography / space and light. Ine works by combining different layers, such as voice, movement and space, and experiments with how these layers relate to each other and how they function independently from another. Through various techniques she seeks to disorient performer and audience, and wants to create an odd world of sound, movement and space. 

The work is a portrait of our "24-on-going" society, in which the influences of multitasking and non-stop business on the performer are investigated. On the one hand, the performance portrays a busy and controlled existence, where human relations are blurred, but on the other, it also seeks the poetry of the simple act, in which, between the lines, the question is posed as to what exactly we are looking for.


29/02/20  Try-out at WALPURGIS/deFENIKS

11/09/20  Première at C-TAKT#4 in C-Mine Genk. 



Vocal composition and choreography: Ine Claes

Performers: Maja Jantar, Áine Reynolds, Andreas Halling, Adrián Sánchez Núñez

Light design: Gaspar Schelck 

Sound engineer: Marc Doutrepont

Scenography: Ine Claes & Gaspar Schelck

Assitent transcription/musical accompaniment: Mathieu Calleja

Dramaturgy: Sara Jansen

Illustration: Ine Claes

Lay-out: Evy Vandeput

Photography: Sara Claes, Sander Buyck

A kamikamka production. 

A co-production by C-TAKT and De Bijloke Muziekcentrum. 

With the support of Workspacebrussels, deFENIKS/WALPURGIS, Halolalune Production, GC De Maalbeek and L.A.R.D. 

Thank you Rita Smets en Veerle Eggermont.