©Ine Claes


Fit in that one box one box can I fit in the box the box let's take the box put it in another box when the box doesn't fit ignore it and try another box let's lablel the box, box a label lablel an experience experience the box the labeI can tell fit's the box what is a box box the label box do we need the box the lablel labels us 

A transdisciplinary creation bringing voice, movement and spacialisation into a dialogue. The performance portrays recognizable, human situations and relationships within our contemporary "24/7 ongoing society". Four performers seem to be non-stop multi-tasking and threaten to lose themselves in a continuous flow of information and interaction. A portrait of a world where everything we do seems staged and where we become performers of a staged reality. In an absurd, playful and moving way, these themes come together in a collage of atmospheres, which form a detailed, rhythmic, but alienating, game of sound and movement. On the one hand, the performance portrays this busy and staged existence, but on the other, it also seeks the poetry of the simple act, in which, between the lines, the question is posed as to what exactly we are looking for in this incessant stream of daily activities.


29/02/20       Try-out at deFENIKS, Mortsel

11/09/20        Première at C-Takt#4, C-Mine Genk

d.t.b.c.             Oortreders, Pelt 


Concept, vocal composition and choreography: Ine Claes

Performers: Maja Jantar, Áine Reynolds, Andreas Halling, Adrián Sánchez Núñez

Light design: Amber Vandenhoeck

Sound engineer: Marc Doutrepont

Assitent transcription/musical accompaniment: Mathieu Calleja

Dramaturgy: Sara Jansen

Technical assistent: Eleanore Bryce

Graphic Design: Ine Claes

Lay-out: Evy Vandeput

Photography: Sara Claes

Production: Moving Feet

A co-production by C-TAKT and De Bijloke.

With the support of WorkspacebrusselsGC De MaalbeekWalpurgis 

and Halolalune Productions