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In May and June I will be in residency at CC Berchem and C-TAKT where I will be continuing my journey on vocal acoustic loopsystems. In CC Berchem I will bring together multiple voices and explore the possibilities of the vocal looping in a vocal ensemble setting, I'll be experimenting with Lynn Cassiers, Sander De Winne and Maja Jantar.

You can listen to a fragment of the vocal research here. 









At C-TAKT I will bring vocal acoustic looping in relation to percussion, exploring this musical relation with percussionist Mathieu Calleja and discovering the tangents with the world of noise. 

Also continuing is the ongoing and beautiful collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and composer Otacílio Melgaço. Together we are creating compositions through a process of alternating the initiator. Here's a small extract of our first work. Hundert Wasser is a composition initiated by Otacílio. 












2020-2021 musical development is supported by Cas-co/30CC, Akropoditi Dance Center,

CC Berchem, QO-2, Netwerk Aalst, C-TAKT, workspacebrussels and nadine. 

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               Ine Claes                    

                    Voice art

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©Sara Claes
©Sara Claes

©Sara Claes
©Sara Claes

©Sara Claes
©Sara Claes

©Sara Claes
©Sara Claes


In March '21 at Kunstencentrum BUDA I  started the first research cycle for my upcoming creation HUSH. A duet voice/movement with Benjamin Vandewalle. 

A very inspiring two weeks where I brought my research on vocal acoustic looping in relation to movement. We were plunging into very diverse sonic and visual landscapes, discovering multiple possibilities in the game-like framework that I have in mind for this work. 

Work-in-progress showing 31 May and 1 June at CC Berchem. 

More about this project coming soon!

Concept, realization & performance: Ine Claes / Created and performed with Benjamin Vandewalle / Sound design: Marc Doutrepont / Light design: Gaspar Schelck / Dramaturgy: Sara Jansen / Music coach: Mathieu Calleja / Coaching: Jan Martens / A coproduction by kamikamka and C-TAKT / Supported by 0090 and CC Berchem 

Pictures ©Sara Claes

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