© Sara Claes



in collaboration with Mathieu Calleja and Juan Parra Cancino 



The departing point is the sound of our dreams transformed as an echo into a sound installation. We approach the dream as if it was a vehicle that creates images and symbols that become our sound inspiration. During the process we focus on them and ultimately give them a shape. The more or less abstract sound choices are in reference to the conscious / unconscious relationship we have towards the atmosphere or emotion of a dream.


Dreams possess characteristic elements such as the sudden escaping of our control, spontaneity, the existence of a nocturne atmosphere, functioning as an outlet for the repressed impulses of the day. We closely search for sounds that fit in this spectrum and use these elements to create a working field for constructing the music and composition.


Dive is a sound installation with a sound multicast. The choice of sound multicast allows us to get closer to the illusions of dreams, by making the sound travel, letting it come closer, more intense or far away. The arrangement of the audience is based on the idea of a network that explores our dreams and allows us to respond to the curiosity of the mind, to connect our conscious with the unconscious. 

The installation exists in two versions, with the public lying down and a sound multicast. Or in a headphone version, where the public has the possibility to walk around, for example in a museum, exposition space or outside area.

For the team of Dive it is an interesting challenge to adapt the installation to the space or concept of the event. The performance of the installation can take between 35min and 55min. 


22/03/19            Projection Room (try-out) 

07/04/19            YIAP Brussels (try-out)

1 - 4/08/19         M-idzomer Festival, Museum M, Leuven 

09/19                   Broadcasted on Late Night Shift, Radio Klara

01/02/20            De Week van de Klank, Brussels 

A project by Ine Claes and Mathieu Calleja. 

With technical support by Halolalune Productions

In residency at Projection Room in March 2019. 



















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