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DIVE is a sound performance based on the sound of our dreams. The more or less abstract sound choices refer to the conscious / unconscious relationship we have with the atmosphere or emotion of a dream.

Dreams possess characteristic elements such as the sudden escape from our control, spontaneity, the existence of a nocturnal atmosphere, functioning as an outlet for the repressed impulses of the day.


Dive is a project with sound multidiffusion. The choice of multidiffusion allows us to get closer to the illusions of dreams, by making the sound travel, letting it come closer, intensify or move away. The audience's disposition is based on the idea of a network that explores our dreams and allows us to respond to the curiosity of the mind, to connect our conscious to the unconscious. 


A project by Ine Claes and Mathieu Calleja in collaboration with Juan Parra Cancino.

With the support of Halolalune Production and Projection Room. 

50 minutes


Ine Claes - Voice

Mathieu Calleja - Percussion/drums

Juan Parra Cancino - Electronics and spacialisation 



22/03/19            Projection Room, Brussels

07/04/19            YIAP Brussels 

1 - 4/08/19         M-idzomer Festival, Museum M, Leuven 

09/19                   Broadcasted on Late Night Shift, Radio Klara

01/02/20            De Week van de Klank, Brussels 



















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