A creation for a fountain for Nuit Blanche 2012. 

In collaboration with Aloun Marchal.

Ine Claes and Aloun Marchal found each other through improvisation . Improvisation for them means challenging each other, a stuborn search within the (safe?) walls of a game. Still structure and humour are important to be able to play. These elements assure continuous renewing and surprise during their research on body and voice. 

In their performance Riptide a man and a woman have their feet in the water, caught by an intimate world. Sometimes their steps are regognizable and brave, then mysterious, playfull and surprising. They find a world apart from each other, but the desire remains. 

Passanst are caught by their world. The calm water seems to keep them together, but the riptide can be fierce. 

Concept: Ine Claes

Performers: Ine Claes and Aloun Marchal

Live Music: Sara Claes

A production by Nuit Blanche.

With the support of Vlaanderen Cultuur.