With Justine Maxelon
With Justine Maxelon


With Mathieu Calleja
With Mathieu Calleja



2020 - 2021 Musical development througout a transdisciplinary parcours


This season focus' is on musical development and more specifically on voice-work, field recordings, editing and the theremin.

The aim of this research is to learn new intsruments and create a database of field recordings to create new projects from. Projects of myself and soundscapes for other artists.

I have recorded field recordings througout the whole year, at Cas-co I was recording the manual sounds of the visual artists working there. In October I followed a workshop Site Specifics / field recording at Musica, by John Grzinich.

I have researched on vocal acoustic loopinig, without pedals, just with the voice.

Repetition or loop has always been a feature of my sound language. In this research, I wanted to delve into this one element and investigate what it is exactly that intrigues me about the loop and how I would like to work with it.


Througout the year I have invited other artists to experiment with, vocalists as Justine Maxelon, Lynn Cassiers, Sander De Winne and Maja Jantar. And also percussionist Mathieu Calleja to discover vocal looping in relation to percussive looping. 

In workspacebrussels, I conducted an analytical research with Justine Maxelon which laid a good foundation for further work with other vocalists. The research gave a concrete idea of what a loop can be and which directions one can go with it. 


Listen here to a demo of the vocal loop research. 













In March '21 I held a research at Kunstencentrum BUDA with Benjamin Vandewalle, where I brought the vocal acoustic looping into relation with movement, this way working with a new frame for the creation of disorientation. 

From this research, two projects have emerged that I want to work on from '22 and present in '22-'23. LOOPWORK and HUSH. 

This year I am also collaborating with Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and composer Otacilio Melgaço. Together we are creating compositions through a process of alternating the initiator. Ultimately we would like to create an album.

Here's already a sneak peek!


This research is supported by nadine, Workspacebrussels, Netwerk Aalst, CC Berchem, C-TAKT Akropoditi Dance Center, QO-2 and Cas-co / 30CC.

01 - 28/10/20          Cas-co

14 - 18/12/20          workspacebrussels

01 - 12/02/21          Netwerk Aalst

22 - 26/02/21          workspacebrussels

29/03 - 10/04/21   QO-2

26 - 30/04/21          CC Berchem

24 - 28/05/21          C-TAKT

31/05 - 05/06/21   CC Berchem

Date TBC at Akropoditi Dance Center (GR)

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