2020 - 2021 Musical development througout a transdisciplinary parcours 


This season I am focusing on musical development and more specifically on voice-work, field recordings, editing and the theremin.

The aim of this research is to learn new intsruments and create a database of field recordings to create new projects from. Projects of myself and soundscapes for other artists.

I will record field recordings througout the whole year, at Cas-co I will be recording the manual sounds of the visual artists working there. In October I will also be doing a workshop field recording at Musica, by John Grzinich

At Akropoditi Dance Center in Syros I will be focussing more on nature sounds.

I will lead some voice sessions to research on evolving vocal loop-systems and instant composition. Througout the year I invite other artists to experiment with, as Adrian Sanchez Nunez, Benjamin Vandewalle and Justine Maxelon. 

This year I also go into a new collaboration with Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and composer Otacilio Melgaço. Together we will set-up a sound-relationship, exchanging materials and see what results from this collaboration. 

This research is supported by nadine, Workspacebrussels, Netwerk Aalst, Akropoditi Dance Center and Cas-co / 30CC. 

01 - 28/10/20 Cas-co

14 - 18/12/20 workspacebrussels

11 - 21/01/21 Akropoditi Dance Center (GR)

01 - 12/02/21 Netwerk Aalst

22 - 26/02/21 workspacebrussels