Following Three

Duo work with musician/composer Mathieu Calleja, in creation for the music festival Ecouter pour l'instant 2017, France. Ine Claes and Mathieu Calleja merge sound, body, voice and video into soundscapes and image, inspired by the reinterpretation of memory and the perception of time. By exploring the use of set patterns, structured improvisations and pre-recorded sound material they create a wide range of possible encounters. 

In this creation process we focus on our memories, that we introspect through image and sound. We give ourselves the freedom to look at our memories and analyse them in different ways. So we create a world that questions our own perception. A world of metamorfoses moving forward slowly. A world where we let our imagination free and give the brain the freedom to work without restrictions.


A creation for the Festival Ecouter pour l'Instant 2017 in France.   

With the support of Vlaanderen Cultuur.