After graduating from the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Ine's interest in movement and visual arts brought her to collaborations in the fields of interventions in public space, shortmovie and performative installations with different visual artists as Liesbeth Marit, Jacques Urbanska, Tomas Israël, Koen Moerenhout and Sara Claes. Her interest in the world of the voice grew over the years and she became a voice autodidact. Ine 2012 she created the first work where she brought together voice, movement and public space, the duet Riptide with Aloun Marchal, created for Nuit Blanche Brussels 2012.


In 2013 she founded, together with Johanne Saunier, the company Ballets Confidentiels, a music and dance project where the duo brought together voice, music and sound visualisation. With the company Ine worked with different composers, writers and musicians as Georges Aperghis, Joâo Lobo, Martin Crimp, Quatuor Tana, Toma Gouband,... and performed in many places as Handelsbeurs, Bozar, Paris Quartier d'été, Maison de La Danse Lyon, Odegand,... Ine left the company in 2018 to focus on her personal research and work.


In 2017 she created the solo voice/movement I choke, you choke, let's all choke together, that laid the foundation for her current research and artistic direction: the relation between vocal composition, the transformation of daily movement, visual arts, personal/shared space and desorientation. This work was created with the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie. 


In 2019 she conducts her Research Project at Kunstencentrum Vooruit, C-Takt and CC De Ploter. After the research in Vooruit, where she worked with dramaturg Sara Jansen, she started researching on Japanese theatre and its similarities with her own work, as the use of space, the use of time and the idea of desorientation and multiple layers. For this research she received a grant from the Flemish Community. 

After her solo work she created the musical performance Following Three, with Mathieu Calleja ('17) and a pure vocal solo piece, On the Other side that premièred at De Sprekende Ezels ('18) and is the first vocal work in a series.


In 2019 she creates the sound installation Dive, with Mathieu Calleja and Juan Parra Cancino, that will première at M-idzomer in Museum M in August '19. Also in '19 she creates a new project with Maja Jantar, Dialogues with a view - Soup for Breakfast, a project with videoprojection and live voice.


In 2020 she creates a new work, asfaraswecantell, bringing vocals, movement and spacialization into a dialogue. Asfaraswecantell is a co-production by C-Takt, De Bijloke and Moving Feet vzw, with the support of Workspacebrussels, deFENIKS and GC De Maalbeek.


In 2020 Ine has residencies at C-Takt, Workspacebrussels, Akropoditi Dance Center and Cas-co for her research and developing new works.  She has also been invited by visual artist Line Boogaerts, for an artistic collaboration for Line's project Window Wiper Switch. 

Ine's work is produced by kamikamka. 


Ine was born in Brussels in 1984. She is an artist who creates dialogues between different art forms as movement, voice, sound, space and visual arts. Her research focusses on vocal composition/instant composition, the tranformation of daily movement and the demarcation of personal space. Her sound language is build from text, sound poetry, particular rhytmical phrasing, loop/repetition. In her work she seeks the arising of disorientation, for example by questioning which part of a text should be understandable and which not or by creating multiple layers through multitasking, combining sound, voice, movement and space. 



2020 asfaraswecantell, multidisciplinary performance. A co-production by C-Takt and De Bijloke Manufactuur. 

2019 Oh on a morning, in the sky. Short work for Kunsthumaniora Dans Brussel. 

2019 DIVE, sound installation in collaboration with Mathieu Calleja and Juan Parra Cancino. 

2019 Dialogues with a View - Soup for Breakfast, collaboration with Maja Jantar. 

2019 Research residency at Vooruit, with vocalists Fabienne Seveillac and Andreas Halling, performers Meri Pajunpaä and Aloun Marchal, dramaturg Sara Jansen, assistent composition Mathieu Calleja and sound engineer Marc Doutrepont. 

2019 Solo residency CC De Ploter


2019 Two week residency at C-Takt, transcribing vocal compositions. With assistent transcription Mathieu Calleja. 

2017 Duo work Following Three with Mathieu Calleja, creation for the festival Ecouter pour l'instant in France. 

2017 Creation of the solo work voice/movement I choke, you choke, let's all choke together for the festival Ecouter pour l'Instant in France. Residency at Nadine, Laboratory for Contemporary arts. 

2013-2018 She founded the dance and music project Ballets Confidentiels, together with Johanne Saunier, where she was a choreographer, performer and vocalist until 2018. With Ballets Confidentiels she collaborated with Georges Aperghis, Quatuor Tana, B.C. Manjunath, Joâo Lobo, Kalimi, Toma Gouband, Martin Crimp, Fabian Fiorini, Pak Yan Lau and others. This project has performed at Handelsbeurs, Bozar, Maison de la Danse Lyon, Paris Quartier d'été, Festival van Vlaanderen and much more.

2012 Creation of the duet Riptide with Aloun Marchal  and voice/music by Sara Claes, a creation with voice and movement in a fountain, lake or see. Created for Nuit Blanche Brussels and Stockholm Fringe.

​2008 She creates the outdoor futuristic performance The Artist Impulse 2068 with visiual artist Koen Moerenhout, for the exhibition La conquète du monde par l'image (Brussels). 

2007 Choreographer and performer for Jacques Urbanska and Thomas Israel on the project Percept for Nuit Blanche Paris. 

2006 Les soeurs de consolation, a creation with Liesbeth Marit and Sara Claes, an interactive performance which was presented in Recyclart Brussels and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


2004 - 2008
​Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten – Bachelor Modern Dance

School of arts Ghent - Dance
School of arts Brussels - Drama


Private singing classes Fabienne Seveillac

Composition classes Pierre Slinckx


Singing classes Rik Debonne


Jazz Academy Hoeilaart, Singing and saxophone


Saxophone, Jazz Academy and private classes



Netwerk Aalst - workshop voice/movement ('19)

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - workshop voice/movement ('18)

Rosas Danst Rosas, assistent teacher workshop Krokusfestival Hasselt ('15)

Conservatory of Guadeloupe ('12) workshop music visualization

Academy of Etterbeek ('12) workshop music visualization

Ballet and contemporary ('11-12)

Dance Academy Zaventem (replacement)
Dance Academy Geraardsbergen (replacement)

Dance Academy Leuven

Le Chien Perdu, Brussels ('10) Contemporary dance
Le Chien Perdu, Brussels ('11) Improvisation/composition


2019 On invitation by Handelsbeurs Ghent. Vocalist and performer for MELTING POT MADE IN WROCŁAW, Jazztopad Festival Poland.


2019 Performer for Postkaartproducties


2018/2019 Vocalist and performer for the project Mammoet from Klankennest, a performative installation for children from 0 to 2 years old, in residency at Wiels Brussels. 

2018 Artistic assistent to the mise en scène, Opera de Lille, La légende du Roi Dragon. An opera with 200 children by Arthur Lavandier. 

2018 Invited on the second cycle of the research project The Sound of the Body by Aloun Marchal, La Briqueterie Paris. 

2017 Vocalist/performer for the project #tristanisolde from composer and theatre maker Jerzy Bielski for Silbersee Amsterdam.

2017 Invited on the research project The Sound of the Body by Aloun Marchal, La Briqueterie Paris. 

2016-2018 Performing in the piece Les Puissantes by the company Didascalie in France, choreographer Marion Lévy. 

2016 Performing for the project Happy Hunting Ground by Sabine Molenaar, Nuit Blanche Brussels 2016. 

2016 Arcolat, Choreographer/Dancer in a multimedia project by Artshare for a cultural event by the European Commission in the Dominican Republic.


2016 Cosmovision, Dancer in a multimedia project by Artshare for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, organised by the European Commission.


2015 Le Grand Bateau, Dancer for Video Clip for Pop Band Le Grand bateau.

2012/2013 Performing for Cie Le cardage, Elodie Donaque in the performance Variations, created for Festival Sortilège Ath.  

2013 Performing for Cie La Ruïna, choreographer Saïd Oumbrassi, on the project Belgi-K.

2013 Opening of the festival La Semaine du Son, together with Marc Galo, dance and music improvisation. 

2012 Choreography and dance for the video clip Gear Change of Belgian Combo Band 74 Miles Away.

2010 She starts working for the company Joji Inc, as a dancer and vocalist in the pieces Musée en Chantier (2010), Le Soir (2010) and Modern Dance (2012-'14).

2009 Ine dances in the short movie Keim from Tibo Vandenborre. 

2008 She's invited by Jacques Urbanska for Lectures intimes, a performance for the Vrijheidsfestival at Flagey Brussels.

2007 Leading role in the first shortmovie of Liesbeth Marit Lipstick Landscape #1.​



Les Soeurs de Consolation, Liesbeth Marit, Sara Claes

at Recylart and Stedelijk museum Amsterdam, 2006


A body in Translation, Michael Lazic, Amperdans CC Berchem, 01/2007


Lipstick Landscape #1, Kortfilm Liesbeth Marit, 2007


Percept, Jacques Urbanska & Thomas Israel, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Paris, 2008


Lectures Intimes, Jacques Urbanska, festival de Liberté, 2008


An eye for an ear, Tabarnack, De Vieze gasten, 2008


The artist impuls, Koen Moerenhout, La Conquète du monde par l'image, 2008


Percept, Jacques Urbanska & Thomas Israel, Festival Art Numérique Paris, 2009


Le Soir, Johanne Saunier, Festival de la Musique Sint-Gilles, 2010


Musée en chantier, JOJI INC, Théatre Les Tanneurs, 10/11


Varaiations, Cie Le Cardage, Tour et taxi, 05/11


Varaiations, Cie Le Cardage, Festival Sortilège Ath, 05/12


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Nuit des Solistes Sint-Gilles, 06/12


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Caroline's House Brussels, 07/12 


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Jordi's House Brussels, 07/12


Riptide, Nuit Blanche Brussels, 10/12


Modern Dance, JOJI INC, Festival Instance Chalon sur Soane, 11/12


Modern Dance, JOJI INC, Nextfestival, Tournais 12/12


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Cleary Gottlieb Brussels, 01/13


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Propulse Schaarbeek, 02/130


Modern Dance, JOJI INC, L'Archipel Scène de Guadeloupe, 02/13


Ballets Confidentiels, Osterfestival Innsbruck, 03/13


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Off Festival Studio Grez Brussels, 05/13


Riptide, Stockholm Fringe festival, 08/13


Varaiations, Cie Le Cardage, Fêtes Romaines Wolubilis, 09/13


Video-clip 74 Miles Away, Gear Change, 2013


Ballets Confidentiels at Jack Gomme Paris, 09/13


Modern dance, JOJI INC, Biënnale van Charleroi, 11/13


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of India, Europalia, 12/13


Ballets Confidentiels, Marathon des Autrices, Atelier 210, 12/13


Modern Dance, JOJI INC, Scène Nationale de Scénart, 01/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of India, Villa Empain Brussels, 01/14


 Belgi-K, Cie Ruina, Espace Magh Brussels, 02/14


Opening Week van de Klank, Brussels, 02/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Saturated Visions, Kim's House, 02/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, La Semaine du Son, Espace Senghor, 02/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Académie d'Etterbeek, 02/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Saturated Visions, La Semaine du Son, Espace Senghor, 03/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Brussels, 05/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Marie's salon Brussels, 06/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Jazzdag hoeilaart, 09/14


Ballets Confidentiels, flamenco! Visions, Café Bravo, 09/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Les Iris & Visions of Miles, Lena's salon, 09/14


Improvisation Night, Kultuurkaffee Brussels, 11/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Café le Coq Brussels, 11/14


Ballets Confidentiels, flamenco! Visions, Cleary Gottlieb Brussels, 12/14


Ballets Confidentiels, Sylvia's salon, 01/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Miles, Café Potemkine brussels, 01/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Visions of Musicals, Sybille's salon Paris, 01/15


Ballets Confidentiels at Huis Happaert Antwerp, 01/15


Ballets Confidentiels, flamenco! Visions, BANG! Festival Brussels, 02/15


Video Clip Le Grand Bateau, 2015


Ballets Confidentiels, Les Iris, Rotspaleis at Sportpaleis Antwerp, 03/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Les Iris, Poëziebordeel Brussel, 04/15


Ballets Confidentiels Comme Ca &  Flamenco! Visions, Marc's salon, 04/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Bouche a L'oreille, Brussels, 05/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Lena's Garden, 06/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Annie's & Xavier's Garden, 06/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Fête de la Musique, Maison du Peuple, Brussels, 06/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Maison de la Création Brussels, 06/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Café De Kleine Kunst, Ghent, 08/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Terrasfestival Waregem, 08/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Lava Kafe Brussels, 08/15


Ballets Confidentiels, Brussels Creative Forum, 08/15


Kamikamka, Flagey - on invitation By Marc Galo


Ballets Confidentiels, Bleek Sint-Niklaas, 09/15


​Ballets Confidentiels, Odegand, 09/15


​Ballets Confidentiels,Poetry Brothel Sint-Niklaas, 09/15


​Ballets Confidentiels, Informele Top Vlaanderen, 09/15


​Ballets Confidentiels,, Dela Insurance Zottegem, 10/15


​Ballets Confidentiels, Café Le Coq Brussels, 10/15


​Ballets Confidentiels,, Vernissage (on)Voltooird Verleden Tijd - Ante Timmermans, 10/15


​Ballets Confidentiels,, On The Roof Festival, Zinnema, 10/15


​Ballets Confidentiels, Mestizo Art festival, 10/15

Artshare Project, Barcelona, 10/15

​Broosistan and Ballets Confidentiels, Venice  SALE Docks, 11/15

Ballets Confidentiels, Beeldenstorm, 01/16

Ballets Confidentiels, La Semaine du Son, 01/16

Ballets Confidentiels, Cultuurloft Ghent, 04/16

Ballets Confidentiels, European Cultural Forum, 04/16

Ballets Confidentiels, Leave us at Dawn Antwerp, 04/16

Ballets Confidentiels, Poetry Brothel Ghent, 04/16

Ballets Confidentiels, Offestival Studio Grez, 05/16

Ballets Confidentiels, De Sprekende Ezels Monk Café, 06/16

Ballets Confidentiels, L'Harmonium Brussels, 07/16

Ballets Confidentiels, Paris Quartier d'été, 07 - 08/16

Ballets Confidentiels, Charleroi Danses, 09/16

Ballets Confidentiels, Théâtre Le Rideau Brussels, 09/16

​Broosistan and Ballets Confidentiels, .OP.RECHT.MECHELEN, 09/16

Ballets Confidentiels, Wunderground Festival MIVB/STIB Brussels, 09/16

Ballets Confidentiels, The Temple Brussels, 09/16

Ballets Confidentiels, La Matrice Paris, 10/16

Ballets Confidentiels, Smogg Brussels, 10/16

Artshare Project, Dominican Republic, 10/16

Marion Lévy, Les Puissantes, Scène National de Château-Gontier, 11/16

Ballets Confidentiels, Charleroi Danses, 11/16

Marion Lévy, Les Puissantes, Scène National de Narbonne, 01/17

Ballets Confidentiels, Beeldenstorm, 01/17

Marion Lévy, Les Puissantes, Scène National de Cherbourg, 02/17

Jerzy Bielski, Silbersee, Muziekgebouw aan 't Ij Amsterdam 03/17

Jerzy Bielski, Silbersee Amsterdam, Church Zwolle 04/17

Ballets Confidentiels, Handelbeurs Ghent 04/17

In Search of Akarova, Ballets Confidentiels, spring 2017

Kunstenboisdesarts, Ballets Confidentiels 06/17

Festiwol Wolke, I choke, you choke, let's all choke together 06/17

Festival Ecouter pour l'Instant, I choke, you choke, let's all choke together 07/17

Festival Ecouter pour l'Instant, Following Three 07/17

Beeldenstorm New Year, Ballets Confidentiels  01/18

Lava Café, Ballets Confidentiels 01/18

GC Ten Weyngaert, Ballets Confidentiels 01/18

Paul's Salon, Ballets Confidentiels 02/18

Maison de la Danse Lyon, Ballets Confidentiels 03/18

Dag van de Dans, Ballets Confidentiels 04/18

Kunstenbo(!)desarts, Ballets Confidentiels 05/18

Bozar, Ballets Confidentiels 05/18

Wiels, Klankennest 05/18

Bxl Blend-It, Ballets Confidentiels 06/18

L'Harmonium, Ballets Confidentiels 06/18

Le Chaff, Ballets Confidentiels 06/18

Festival Supervlieg, Klankennest 06/18

Ballets Confidentiels Garden Performance 07/18

Klankennest, Kokon 10/18

Klankennest, Flagey 11/18

I Choke, You choke, Let's All choke together, CC Jacgues Franck 12/18

Solo Intermezzo, On the other side, De Sprekende Ezels 12/18

Dive, Projection Room, 03/19

Dive, YIAP, 04/19

Postkaartproducties, CC Blankenberge, 05/19

Dive, M-idzomer, Museum M 08/19

Postkaartproducties, CC Torhout, 09/19

Postkaartproducties, CC Dilbeek, 09/19

Postkaartproducties, CC Tongeren, 09/19

Dialogues with a View  - Soup for Breakfast, Lava Café 11/19




























































2017: Nadine, center for contemporary art, Bxl

2018: CC Jacques Franck

2019: Kunstencentrum Vooruit


            CC De Ploter

            Project(ion) room

            Netwerk Aalst

2020: De Bijloke


            GC De Maalbeek



            Akropoditi Dance Center



M-idzomer, Museum M '19