Ine was born in Brussels in 1984. She is an artist who creates dialogues between different art forms as movement, voice, sound, space and visual arts. Her research focusses on vocal composition/instant composition, the tranformation of daily movement and the demarcation of personal space. Her sound language is build from text, sound poetry, particular rhytmical phrasing, loop/repetition. In her work she seeks the arising of disorientation, for example by questioning which part of a text should be understandable and which not or by creating multiple layers through multitasking, combining sound, voice, movement and space. 

After graduating from the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Ine's interest in movement and visual arts brought her to collaborations in the fields of interventions in public space, shortmovie and performative installations with different visual artists as Liesbeth Marit, Jacques Urbanska, Tomas Israël, Koen Moerenhout and Sara Claes. Her interest in the world of the voice grew over the years and she became a voice autodidact. Ine 2012 she created the first work where she brought together voice, movement and public space, the duet Riptide with Aloun Marchal, created for Nuit Blanche Brussels 2012.










In 2013 she founded, together with Johanne Saunier, the company Ballets Confidentiels, a music and dance project where the duo brought together voice, music and sound visualisation. With the company Ine worked with different composers, writers and musicians as Georges Aperghis, Joâo Lobo, Martin Crimp, Quatuor Tana, Toma Gouband,... and performed in many places as Handelsbeurs, Bozar, Paris Quartier d'été, Maison de La Danse Lyon, Odegand,... Ine left the company in 2018 to focus on her personal research and work.


In 2017 she created the solo voice/movement I choke, you choke, let's all choke together, that laid the foundation for her current research and artistic direction: the relation between vocal composition, the transformation of daily movement, visual arts, personal/shared space and desorientation. This work was created with the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie. 


In 2019 she conducts her Research Project at Kunstencentrum Vooruit, C-Takt and CC De Ploter. After the research in Vooruit, where she worked with dramaturg Sara Jansen, she started researching on Japanese theatre and its similarities with her own work, as the use of space, the use of time and the idea of desorientation and multiple layers. For this research she received a grant from the Flemish Community. 

After her solo work she created the musical performance Following Three, with Mathieu Calleja ('17) and a pure vocal solo piece, On the Other side that premièred at De Sprekende Ezels ('18) and is the first vocal work in a series.


In 2019 she creates the sound installation Dive, with Mathieu Calleja and Juan Parra Cancino, that will première at M-idzomer in Museum M in August '19. Also in '19 she creates a new project with Maja Jantar, Dialogues with a view - Soup for Breakfast, a project with videoprojection and live voice.


In 2020 she creates a new work, asfaraswecantell, bringing vocals, movement and spacialization into a dialogue. Asfaraswecantell is a co-production by C-Takt, De Bijloke and kamikamka, with the support of Workspacebrussels, WALPURGIS/deFENIKS, Halolalune Productions, L.A.R.D. and GC De Maalbeek.


In 2020 Ine has residencies at C-Takt, Workspacebrussels, Akropoditi Dance Center for her research and developing new works.  She has also been invited by visual artist Line Boogaerts, for an artistic collaboration for Line's project Window Wiper Switch. 

In '20-'21 she has received residencies at Cas-co/30CC and at Kunstencentrum BUDA for the creation of a new work, where she will bring together voice, movement and visual arts.  


Ine's work is produced by kamikamka. 



2017: Nadine, center for contemporary art, Bxl

2018: CC Jacques Franck

2019: Kunstencentrum Vooruit


            CC De Ploter

            Project(ion) room

            Netwerk Aalst

2020: De Bijloke


            GC De Maalbeek



            Akropoditi Dance Center


2021: Kunstencentrum BUDA

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