2021 starts with residencies at Netwerk Aalstworkspacebrussels and Q-O2 where I will be continuing my journey on vocal acoustic loopsystems with different vocalists as Justine Maxelon, Lynn Cassiers, Sander De Winne and Maja Jantar, exploring the theremin with a dancing body and continuing the ongoing and beautiful collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and composer Otacílio Melgaço. Together we are creating compositions through a process of alternating the initiator. Here's a small extract of our first work. Hundert Wasser is a composition initiated by Otacílio. 












2021 is also supported by Cas-co/30CC, Akropoditi Dance Center, CC Berchem, C-TAKT, Kunstencentrum BUDA and nadine. 

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               Ine Claes                    

                    Voice art

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In March '21 at Kunstencentrum BUDA I  started the first research cycle for my upcoming creation HUSH. A duet voice/movement with Benjamin Vandewalle. 

A very inspiring two weeks where I brought my research on vocal acoustic looping in relation to movement. We were plunging into very diverse sonic and visual landscapes, discovering multiple possibilities in the game-like framework that I have in mind for this work. 

Work-in-progress showing 27 April CC Berchem. 

More about this project coming soon!


A project by Ine Claes / kamikamka

in collaboration with Benjamin Vandewalle


Concept, realization & performance: Ine Claes / Created and performed with Benjamin Vandewalle / Sound design: Marc Doutrepont / Light design: Gaspar Schelck / Dramaturgy: Sara Jansen / Music coach: Mathieu Calleja / Coaching: Jan Martens / A coproduction by kamikamka and C-TAKT / Supported by CC Berchem 

Pictures ©Sara Claes


Logo created by Evy Vandeput 

©Sara Claes